About us

Welcome to Staffyou!

We believe in a new way of working: by achieving results together based on flexibility and mutual respect. We do this by promoting freedom of choice for our clients and Staffers. From what we’ve learned, we know that temp agencies need to evolve, so we’ve grown a platform that connects, innovates, and inspires. Smart working is the future, so get ahead of the curve with us.

Our mission

Making happiness at work possible for everyone by matching the right person with the right job.

Our values

  • Honesty
    With us, you always know where you stand. Trust is our greatest asset. We are honest about what we can and cannot do.
  • Freedom
    It's always up to you, whether you're a client or working for us yourself. Personal wishes, flexibility and happiness at work are always our top priority.
  • Quality
    We go for the perfect match, because a motivated employee with the right skills gets the job done. We are only satisfied when everyone is.
  • Respect
    Respect is more than a nice salary. With Staffyou, everyone can be themselves. Diversity, inclusion, and a safe working environment are self-evident to us.

Our story

We've always done things a little differently. Born from the idea that temporary work is not about money and rules, but about connection and shared successes, we started in 2016 as a small startup and we’re growing rapidly as a result.

Since then, we have grown into a successful platform. We empower people by offering work opportunities and flexibility.

Staffers Employers

Working at Staffyou?

Are you looking for a new challenge? Come and work at the most ambitious and fun scale-up in London! We are growing fast and are looking for top talent and seasoned professionals.