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Find reliable and flexible temporary employees for your business. Scale your staff up and down with ease. Only pay for hours worked. From our efficient self-service to our tailored full service, we can help with all your staffing needs.

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Full Service

How it works?

  • Post a shift on the platform

    In a few clicks you can post a shift on our platform that our staffers can like

  • Choose who you invite to your shift

    Choose from the staffers that liked your shift who you would like to come work for you

  • Let’s get to work!

    Your staffer(s) will arrive at the time and location of the shift, ready to work.

Recommended for up to 10 staffers per day

How it works?

  • Your personal account manager

    Together with your account manager you will discuss your staffing needs. Tell us how many people you need and what skills are required.

  • We take care of recruitment, selection and replacements

    Our workforce managers will take care of the shift roster and select the staffers best suited for your shift.

  • Let’s get to work!

    We strive to always make sure there are enough staffers at the time and shift of the location. Every single day.

Recommended for more than 10 staffers per day

What makes staffyou the best choice for you?

The best staffers, every time

Our staffers profiles have a picture, bio, skills, and a rating. That way you know exactly who you’ll be working with. Happy? You can add staffers to your favourites, and they’ll be automatically invited to your next shift.

For large and small businesses

Easily scale your staff up and down, from a few to 500+! From efficient self-service to our hassle-free full service. We grow (and shrink) along with your staffing needs.

Zero administrative hassle

We take care of administration and the paycheques of your staffers. There are no hidden fees, and you only pay for hours worked. Easy right?

Contribute to a better life on earth

For every shift worked, we plant a tree in Africa in collaboration with our partner, Trees for the Future. This way you are not just solving your staffing needs, but you also contribute to a greener future.
Since January 2022 we have planted
trees in Africa!

Get flexible workforce in these sectors.

Delivery Staff
Shop Helpers
Order Pickers
Hospitality staff
Catering & Event staff
Smart students
Call Centre staff

Delivery Staff wanted?

Consumers are getting used to the convenience of delivery services. The demand for delivery of packages, meals and groceries will only continue to grow the coming years. However, demand fluctuates depending on the season, weather and many other factors and so do your staffing needs. With staffyou you will always have enough runners out on deliveries, all throughout the year.

Shop Helpers wanted?

Are you looking for reliable, motivated shop helpers? You are not alone, because the personnel shortage in retail is severe. How can you make sure that you have enough staff in your store to advise your customers, in order to not miss any sales? With staffyou you can easily find flexible sales talent for your retail store.

Order Pickers wanted?

In logistics you are dealing with huge spikes in workload, alternated with periods of relatively stable demand. How can you make sure that you have enough logistics staff for peak demand? With a pool of flexible talent, you will be able to take on any peaks in workload and easily scale back down when demand stabilizes.

Hospitality staff wanted?

How to find enough bartenders, waiters/waitresses or hotel staff in times of huge staff shortages? Post your shift on the staffyou platform! With staffyou you gain access to thousands of flexible workers with the right skills for your hospitality business. From kitchen helps to baristas, hire any hospitality staff you need with ease.

Catering & Event staff wanted?

You must be looking for flexible hardworking people with the right skills to make your event a great success. With staffyou you get access to thousands of staffers who are buzzing to work on the coolest events. Post a shift for your event on our platform and invite all the help you need, hassle-free!

Smart students wanted?

Is your business suffering from an administrative slump? Do you need some brainy students to help you with basic data entry? Don’t do it yourself but hire a smart student to do it for you instead! At staffyou we have plenty of students looking for a flexible side gig that are happy to help!

Call Centre staff wanted?

Call centres require enough staff manning the phones every single day. Our staffers can be hired for a range of different jobs, from tele-sales staff, to customer service reps, to market research. With staffyou you can create a flexible talent pool of motivated staffers, ready to start calling for your business.

Promoters wanted?

It’s important that your brand and products are noticed by consumers. There are many offline ways to reach consumers, such as handing out samples, flyers, or hiring hosts/hostesses to promote your brand at business events. With staffyou you can easily hire promotors for marketing campaigns in London. You take care of the promotions; we deliver the staff.

Frequently asked questions

How does staffyou work?

Through staffyou businesses can quickly and reliably hire temporary workers or freelancers for a range of shifts. You may choose to use our platform-as-a-service to easily plan your own staffers, or our hassle-free Enterprise service and we’ll take care of all your staffing needs for you. Contact us to discuss the possibilities, or if you are unsure which service level suits your business.

What is the difference between your Standard Service and Full Service?

With our Platform Service you get access to our platform and thousands of staffers to hire for your shifts. Easily post your own shifts to our platform and select the staffers you’d like to invite to your shift. We recommend our Full Service when you are looking to hire more than 10 staffers per day. With our full service we take care of the entire schedule. We recruit and select staffers for your shifts and take care of replacements when cancellations occur. We can imagine you prefer to select your own staffers, but we’re ready to help you as your flexible staffing needs grow too big to manage yourself.

How does staffyou guarantee the quality of staffers working my shifts?

Our staffers have a profile with a profile picture, a short bio, skills, and a rating. That way you know exactly who you are hiring before you invite them to your shift. It’s impossible to prevent cancellations or no-shows, but we have a strict no-show policy in place to protect our employers.

What does staffyou cost?

Use of our platform is free! There are no hidden fees and you only pay for hours worked.

How can I find replacements for cancellations?

Whether you are using our Platform Service or our Full Service, staffyou will always try to help you find a replacement when a staffer cancels a shift. We are just a call away!



  • Free account including all benefits of the platform;
  • Access to thousands of motivated temporary workers with transparent profiles and ratings;
  • Easily post shifts, collect likes and plan flexible staff;
  • Create a pool of your favourite staffers that get automatic invites for your shifts;
  • Save costs by hiring temporary staff when you need it, instead of permanent staff when you don’t;
  • Contribute to a greener earth! Plant a tree for every shift worked.

* Recommended for up to 10 staffers per day

Full Service

Managed Account

  • Your personal account manager
  • Experienced workforce managers that take care of everything from planning to admin;
  • Scale up to 500+ staffers per day with ease;
  • Shift promotions under thousands of staffers through email, push messages and in-app promotions;
  • Employer branding on social media.

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