114333 trees planted in Africa!

What do we do?

We plant a tree for every shift worked

At Staffyou we believe in a sustainable world for the future generation. But we prefer doing over believing. By planting trees we help to restore fragile ecosystems to combat global hunger and poverty.

Our staffers (literally) contribute to a better world. Because for every shift they run, we plant a tree in Africa. Of course we don't do this alone. Trees For The Future, a respected non-profit, lend us a hand.

  • Revitalise and enrich the soil
  • Trees hold soil and thus prevent erosion
  • Trees trap CO2 and other greenhouse gases
  • Restore biodiversity and bring back animal and insect species
  • Fruit trees provide an income or food source

Your organization can participate!

This is how a partnership with Staffyou contributes to a better world:

  1. Our Staffers work a shift with you

    For every shift worked at your company we reserve enough money to plant one tree.

  2. We donate money

    Every quarter we donate the reserved money to Trees For The Future. The more our staffers work, the more money we donate.

  3. Together we plant trees

    Trees for the future runs local projects and makes sure that the trees are planted.

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Do you also want to contribute to a better future?